7 Cards Stud Poker

To distinguish between Poker has The volume of traffic is increasing rapidly due to the quality of play, number of players, tables and tournaments now available online. The vote that we wanted to give is, therefore, due to the sum of the factors from our point of view makes this one of the best poker room in the Italian market and world time. The software used is excellent and is continually being updated, it is second to none.

Even promotions and bonuses are among the best of the network, vote 9/10, for ease of use, although it is a bit 'longer to download (about 10 minutes), for frequent updates and the high technology used than good blends with different internet browser.

The customer service is excellent and we can say that it is among the best on the Internet. The importance of traffic and the quality of players in the online poker sites. The number of players in a poker room is important and is an indication of game play and atmosphere of the game. If the poker room to cuisse want to play is empty, this could indicate a game is not very exciting. This does not mean that the online poker room in which you want to play have to be full of players, playing in small tables with professional players and aggressive course brings its good results, but generally a high traffic is a sign of addicting game.

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