Classic Slots

The history of slot machines is long and difficult, their birth dates back to 1800 and even though their life has never been easy, over the centuries the slots have never ceased to thrill gamers from around the world should achieve up to their peak and the current versions of online slot machines and technology that you can find on the net.

The predecessor of slot machine we all know it was created over 200 years ago and it was just like the ones we play today in fact made use of 50 cards and five drums. We played poker and how to win or you had to have a pair or a full house.

At its birth, this machine was distributed in bars, but the first problem was posed in moment when you had to decide how to reward the winner as early age not contemplated yet no cash prizes. Among other things, the slot was easy to change so that players win was not easy since many owners of bars tended to change the settings of the machine, for example by removing the cards, and making wins more infrequent than they would averse been if the machine malfunctioned.

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