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Its slot machine was able to offer several payout depending on the combination of numbers or images that appeared to stop the rollers. The 10 cards were replaced with five symbols and five bombing were reduced to 3 rolls.

This was the first prototype of a slot machine that we can still play at casinos online and offline. The first slot machine was called the Liberty Bell, this name is due to the fact that the combination consists of three bells corresponded to the highest payout. With the passage of time a German named Charles Fey created the slot machine Gratis which we are accustomed.

The success was not immediate but slowly this new slot machines began to be distributed all over
the world, so Charles Fey began to create new and different when changing characters and elements images on the reels. But the life of slot machines was not easy, in fact, in 1909 the United States of America a law was passed that the slot machine that ergo money were illegal.

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