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Blackjack is a fairly simple game, like most card games. But like any sport, game or activity, it has a lingo all its own. Players who hope to beat the dealer must speak this language. The Blackjack Glossary and Guide to the Terminology of Blackjack, offered by City, can help. Click on the link below and you will speak the same language in no time.

The advent of online casinos, which made possible the game remote and provides a quick and convenient way to play one or more games without undergoing the hassle of travel, with a generation of younger players and experts in the field .Below you will find a summary of our articles on online blackjack, each of these sections deals with one aspect of the game that you should know before playing. Simply click on the links and let you into the madness of blackjack.

Blackjack has not always been the popular game it is today and we're not really sure of its origins - as for many casino games. It is assumed that, in its original form, Black Jack was a combination of three casino games: including Baccarat, Seven and a half and Twenty-One. How this game has you it crossed oceans to arrive in casinos and on the Internet? Our article on the history of Black Jack telling this fascinating story.

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